Lyft Promo Code For New Users 2018

$50 lyft promo code for existing users 2017 [50+10 free rides]

 Lyft Promo Code For New Users – Are you looking for latest lyft promo code that work for existing users 2017,we are here to help you,we are glad  you enjoyed our services after using the very first lyft promo code and taking your first ride you may or might be willing to know about the new lyft promo codes for 2017.For more information    about lyft keep reading the following content and you will find the  answer to you questions.

Lyft Promo Code For New UsersLyft promo codes for existing users

Uber Download Instructions

1. First step is to Download the App. (Click here to download it)

2. Create an account and login.

3. Once logged in, tap the “My Account” button in the top left of your Uber app.

4. Request a driver and enjoy your ride!


Lyft Promo Code For New Users: Active codes

$2 credit per ride for 10 rides

 $5 credit per ride for 2 rides


$3 credit per ride for 3 rides

Free Lyft Rides For October!

New York Riders | Up To $20 Off

Lyft Promo Code | Up To $25 Off Rides

Lyft Promo CodeLyft Promo Code

CORE – Up to $50
HYPE – Up to $50
ARK – Up to $50
BLYSS – Up to $50
SLYCK – Up to $50
KYCK – Up to $50
GLOW50 – Up to $50
HYPE50 – Up to $50
HYPED – Up to $50

lyft promo code for existing users 2017

SOAR – One ride up to $1
RIDESHARE – One ride up to $15
CLASSY  – One ride up to $15
RIDEAPPS – One ride up to $15
SOAR –  One ride up to $15
RIDENEWS – One ride up to $15

Tips for using a Lyft referral code:

While the Lyft promo code terms are very straightforward, there are a few things to consider before taking advantage of the bonus.

These are simple items that new users often overlook, so read the tips below to ensure you don’t disqualify yourself from the promotion.

  • You MUST enter the promo code before taking your first ride
  • New riders are only eligable for one new rider promotion
  • Lyft gift codes expire after 14 days
  • You can get free rides by inviting your friends!

 Lyft coupons for existing users

You may be asking yourself, “well what about Lyft coupons for existing users?” Well, this one is tricky. While there are no Lyft codes for existing users, there are other ways to earn free Lyft ride credit.

I have personally earned thousands upon thousands of free Lyft rides by using these methods, so you can be sure that they are 100% working and ready for you to use. See our full Lyft existing users writeup to learn about all the ways to earn.

It is worth noting that you should read ALL of the methods to save money, because the more you read, the more you save!

By the way, this is hands down one of highest traffic pages, and users are CONSTANTLY looking for extra ways to save. As of September 2016, we have a few new methods for existing Lyft users to get free ride credit, so make sure to check them out after you’ve used your first Lyft ride free.

How many free rides do you get with Lyft?

The most common current promotion is the Lyft promo code valid for $50 in free ride credit. This credit varies by location, but it can be used over the course of more than one ride in many instances.

How do I use my Lyft credit?

You can enter a Lyft free ride code in the ‘Promos’ section of the rideshare app.

Tap on your profile picture to open the menu (top left corner).
Enter in the ‘Add Promo Code’ field.
Click ‘Apply.’
Do you have to tip Lyft?

Lyft allows tipping through the app at the end of a ride, although they do not require it. Tipping is anonymous from the drivers’ standpoints, so you don’t need to worry about feeling pressured. Their competition, Uber, doesn’t even give the option, so Lyft definitely has this competitive advantage in regards to tipping drivers.

Personalize Your Lyft Referral Code

For most websites or mobile apps with invites, generation is automatic therefore the message and features appear as the same on all devices.

However, you can customize your own referral code to any that suits your liking.

Within reason, of course.

Simply head to the referrals portal located near the top of the screen and create your own code.

More so, you can also follow this link if you have trouble navigating that section,

Note that customizing codes works only for passenger referrals, not driver referrals, which requires your original Lyft code to refer new drivers to the service.

How do I get Lyft credits?

Using a Lyft credit is an easy 30-second task.

Try this:

  • Download the Lyft app (available for iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone)
  • Create an account, log in, and click ‘Settings’ on the left-hand side.
  • Type RYDER in the field ‘Add Promo Code,’ and tap ‘Apply.’

Is the Lyft promo for 10 free rides, 50 free rides, or for $50?

There are a lot of mixed rumors as far as this illustrious voucher is concerned.  The reason is that Lyft credit codes vary by city, so there may be different ones in different areas of the country.  The most common one is a free Lyft code for $50 that can be used over the course of several rides.  Usually, the promo code will work wherever you are, but it’ll provide a different discount based on your location.

Is my first Uber ride free?

There are various Uber codes for new users, which offer a first $15 ride credit.  Use Uber promo code RIDESHARE to receive this credit, and this page will be kept updated with any new offers as they are released.  Take notice and remember, though, these credits are valid only for your first ride.

How do I use my Lyft credit?

Be sure to enter your Lyft discount before your first ride.  Simply download the Lyft app and navigate to the ‘Payment’ section.  Enter promo code RYDER in the ‘Add Promo Code’ box, and tap ‘Apply.’

I’m getting an error message.  What does it mean?

The most common error message that current customers experience is something along the lines of ‘another promotion has already been applied.’  This refers to the fact that Lyft promo codes are for new users only.  If you’ve already used one on your account, you may not use another.  Other errors include those for expired free Lyft credit or location-specific promotions.  For more detailed help dealing with error messages, check out this help page.

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